Mark the contents for each box on the top and the four side so however you place the box on the stack you will be able to read it.  If it is breakable you might want to mark it fragile and place at the top of a stack.  This will save you time and make it easier to categorize your items.


Having a few tools accessible could be very useful like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers and even a utility knife.  Place them in a bag close to door.  You can hang the bag on nail or setting right in front this way when you need to get into a box, or need to add a table to the unit but need to take off the legs you will have the right tool for the job.


Protect your furniture with a cover or a pad.  This will help ensure that they stay in good condition.  Do this not only when moving but also while in storage.  It only takes a few minutes and you can use plastic or even old sheets.


A basic drawing like this with markings on your map like front, back, right, left can make a quick find.  Just tack it on the wall close to the front or on the first box.


First remember to put down pallets on the floor than place your items on them, because cement does sweat.  This will keep your boxes and furniture off the cement.  Also you should give clearance from wall, one inch is enough. 



Re-Purpose items like the refrigerator, bookshelf or even the dresser.  By using interior space you have more room for the big items.  Place a post-it note on the item so you know what you have put inside and wedge the door open for circulation.




Stacking to the ceiling will utilize you space but make sure to think safety, pack heavy items at the bottom for a stable base.  If your stack is taller than you keep a ladder or folding chair in the unit to prevent over reaching.  This will prevent chances of damaging your treasures and also keeping you safe.



Allow a clear path down the center will make access so much better.  You know it never fails what you want is always in the back and this will save moving everything out to get to it.